Gorillas and Wildlife Tours

Gorillas and Wildlife Tours are located in Uganda, offering mountain gorilla trekking, wildlife and birding safaris, as well as a wide range of other services such as white water rafting, community and cultural tours, and more in Uganda and throughout East Africa. We offer tailor-made services to fit all travel budgets. In order to make your African safari as convenient and enjoyable as possible, we tailor-make safaris according to our clients’ budgets. Mountain Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda. Wildlife Migrations in Tanzania and Kenya. Rwenzori Mountain and Kilimanjaro Mountain.

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Best Safari in Africa

Uganda has many adventures to offer. From viewing stunning waterfalls such as Murchison Falls or Sipi Falls, Safari Uganda includes gorilla trekking at Bwindi Forest National Park. You can also watch Golden Monkeys leaping from one branch to another at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Kibale Forest National Park is best known for its chimpanzees and thousands of troops of them in Kibale Forest National Park. This is a fantastic way to discover a range of safaris available in Uganda.

Kenya has the highest-ranking safari destinations in Africa. The Masai Mara National Park is the home of the Great Migration, a yearly event that attracts various wildlife. Kenya’s safaris and tours are bursting at the seams with excitement and romance; the best safari in Africa is truly the epitome of a “classic” safari. A safari to Kenya offers stunning natural beauty and some of Africa’s most desired wildlife. Gorillas and Wildlife Tours offers a Kenya Wildlife Safari that is perfect for any occasion, be it a romantic getaway, family vacation, or photography tour.

Wildlife Park, Tanzania, is home to the Great Wildebeest Migration – one of the top safaris in Tanzania – and the world’s largest intact caldera, expansive plains, and Mount Kilimanjaro. You can eat your lunch near a watering-hole popular with hippopotami, hunt for the mythical tree-climbing lion, and see huge tusked Elephants walking through the Serengeti on the best African safari. Tanzania is a great place to learn about Maasai cultures, observe wildlife in its natural habitat, or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Zanzibar is the place to be for the ultimate safari experience in Africa.

Rwanda offers the most popular safaris in Africa. Mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, and other primates can be seen nearby. The complexity of a safari in Rwanda is more significant than first thought. A safari in Rwanda is more comprehensive than searching for gorillas. A trip to Land of a Thousand Hills is not just about seeing the Big 5; it also involves hiking up dormant mountains and relaxing by the “beach”.

Africa, its tradition of safari

Africa is known as a continent with a wide variety of animals. It is like home to them.

Why go on safari?

A safari is any journey that takes you into dense forests where you can observe and enjoy wild animals in their natural habitat. Africa has a very popular wildlife safari. While on safari, you will see lions in Africa, rhinoceros, Nile crocodiles, and elephants. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe them and their behavior. There are many ways to do safaris. Jeep and elephant safaris exist and compromise the best safari in Africa. Although elephant safaris are expensive, they can make for a more enjoyable safari.

Africa’s safaris are its best feature. It is possible to see wild animals there and watch their behavior. You will also be able to see trees and animals that you’ve never seen. You should have one safari in Africa if you plan to visit. It is the best thing about Africa.