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Tours and Travel Agency based in Uganda rendering mountain gorilla Trekking experience, birding and wildlife safaris doubled with a range of services including mountaineering , white water rafting and culture and community tours among others in Uganda and the entire East African Countries offering tailor made services suiting all travel budgets. We pride ourselves in ensuring convenient safaris based on our guest requests in terms of budget, time and travel needs to enjoy your African safari. Mountain Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, wild beast Migration in Tanzania and Kenya, Rwenzori and Kirimanjaro Mountain

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Best Safari in Africa

Uganda is a place full of adventure, from viewing breathtaking waterfalls at Sipi Falls or Murchison Falls, safari Uganda offers gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest National Park and watching Golden Monkeys bounce from branch to branch at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and a thousands of chimpanzee’s troops in Kibale forest national park best known for being a chimps Capital and many more safari tours Uganda. A terrific way to explore a variety of safaris in Uganda, from Uganda gorilla trekking to Uganda wildlife safaris, Uganda gorilla safaris, bird watching endemic and migratory species makes the best safari in Africa.

The most prestigious safari destination in Africa is in Kenya, home to the Masai Mara National Park, which is famed for its plethora of animals and yearly Great Migration thus the best safari in Kenya. It is a nation bursting with romance, excitement, and adventure; best safari in Africa truly epitomizes the “classic safari.” A safari in Kenya or Kenya safari tours not only offers breathtaking natural beauty in one of the world’s most pristine locations, Kenya wildlife safaris allow you to get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most sought-after wildlife. On a Kenya wildlife safari, no matter what brings you to the African continent, whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, or a photography safari, Dav Safaris makes sure you get a luxurious Kenyan safari and tour like no other.

A few reasons to visit Wildlife Park in Tanzania include the Great Wildebeest Migration which is one of the best safari in Tanzania, the world’s biggest undamaged caldera, the expansive plains, and Mount Kilimanjaro. On the best safari in Africa, eat lunch next to a watering hole that hippopotamus’s frequent, search for the fabled tree-climbing lion, and watch enormous tusked elephants stroll through the Serengeti. Tanzania provides visitors the chance to experience Maasai culture directly, see incredible wildlife up close, and make epic climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing peak in the world. You’re in for the best safari in Africa if you include a few days on Zanzibar’s beaches.

On the best safari in Africa Mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, and other primates can be seen up close in Rwanda thanks to the country’s popular gorilla trekking excursions. A safari in Rwanda, however, is more complex than it first appears. The list of unique experiences available doesn’t end with searching for gorillas in rainforests. In addition to seeing the Big 5, a trip to the Land of a Thousand Hills includes hiking up old dormant volcanoes and relaxing at the “beach.” We’ve put up a list of our favorite places to stay on each leg of your tour through this safari jewel of Africa to help you get a head start on organizing your African safari tour.

Africa and its traditional safari

Africa is a continent that is very well known for its wildlife animals, Africa is just like a home for them.

What is safari And the benefit of safari-

Safari is any journey into a dense forest, where you can enjoy the view of wild animals and you can enjoy and observe those free-roaming wildlife animals. Africa is also very well known for their wildlife safari, you can see varieties of animals while doing the safari, like seeing elephants, buffaloes, cheetahs, and also Nile crocodiles, and rhinos which are very common, but the animals which mostly attract the tourist are the lions of Africa. You can see them closely and observe their behavior, it will be a lifetime experience for you. You can do safaris in various modes, you can do elephant safari as well as you can do jeeps safaris, elephant safaris can be a little bit costly but you will enjoy your safari more.

The best part of Africa is its safaris. You can see the wild animals and observe their behavior there, not only that you can see many animals and trees that you never see before and ‘Dav safaris’ is one of the best safaris in Africa present there. If you are planning to go to Africa I will suggest you have at least one safari there as safaris are the best part of Africa.