1 Day Cave Church, Garbage City & the City of the Dead


On this one-day excursion, you will see the famous Cave Church of St. Simon in Cairo, passing by the City of the Dead and the Garbage City in Cairo. You can visit some local Cairo attractions with a private guided tour. This trip will offer you an opportunity to explore the hidden treasure of Egypt.

Dav Safaris tour guide will pick you up from your hotel at 10:00 a.m. Begin your day with a tour of Cairo’s famous Cave Church of St. Simon. There are seven cave churches constructed into the neighboring Moqattam Mountain. The largest monastery, St. Simon the Tanner, features an amphitheater that can accommodate 20,000 people. If you want to experience something unusual in Egypt, it is worth the trip.

Then passing by the Garbage City in Cairo, which is a slum community to the southeast of Cairo and is situated in a relatively local area called Manshiyat Naser or “Garbage City in Cairo” as it is more well known. Its residents are fondly referred to as “Garbage People” since they have supported themselves for many years by serving as Cairo’s unofficial sanitation crew.

The Garbage People, primarily Coptic Christians, first arrived in Cairo in the 1930s in pursuit of a better life and a somewhere to call home. They made do with whatever they could, living in temporary accommodation and recycling the city’s biodegradable garbage by feeding it to their pigs, due to their extreme poverty and lack of a sound 401(k) plan. Today, Cairo’s Garbage People make ends meet by going door to door and picking up people’s rubbish for a little price, which is then returned to their Garbage City neighborhoods. There, they sort and recycle anything they can, using it for their own manufacture.

Then walking through The City of the Dead, an Islamic necropolis and cemetery located beneath the Mokattam Hills in southeastern Cairo.

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