1-Day Diego Suarez 3 Bays Cruise Vacation


Step into the blue water and white sand that make Antsiranana famous for its beauty and wonderful beaches around the world. The three bays—Sakalava Bay, Dune Bay, and Pigeon Bay—follow one another for 156 kilometers in Antsiranana. One of the world’s top kitesurfing locations is Sakalava Bay. You will be astounded by the magnificent flora and fauna during your visit like chameleons, lemurs, and baobabs.

Diego Suarez (official name Antsiranana) is one of Madagascar’s farthest northern cities. It is a port city with a colorful past that is still evident in the heart of the city. Beautiful colonial structures can be seen here, however they are not always in the best of shape. Diego Suarez is named after the two Portuguese Diego and Suarez who docked in the deep bay in 1543. The city continued to serve as a significant military port for many years, and it continues to be one of the deepest ports in the Indian Ocean. The city itself is currently a peaceful town, with little freight traffic due to the poor condition of the road leading to Tana, Madagascar’s capital.

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Upon your arrival, you will meet us in the port of Diego with a sign indicating your name. After that, we’ll use our 4WD to drive around the city before stopping briefly to take in the panoramic view of Nosy Lonjo, one of Madagascar’s most well-known locations. We will continue our adventure by traveling to the 3 bays, Sakalava, Pigeon, and Dune Bays, after the vantage point. We will stop along the journey to take in the beauty of the bay, the Sugar Loaf, and its heritage. We’ll take some time to appreciate and capture some priceless photos of the endemic giant baobab of this area. Following the baobab, we’ll continue our journey by taking in the beaches and stunning bays.

When you are satisfied, we shall return to Ramena, where we will have lunch today. You can unwind on Ramena’s beach following lunch, and then we’ll leisurely return to the dock. We will proceed to the port after stopping at the endemic to the Antsiranana region Adansonia Suareziensis baobab forest.

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