1-Day Full Day Guided Bushwalk


Take a guided bushwalk to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the wilderness. Take a stroll through the forest, taking in the aromas of the trees, grass, and flowers. Gain the opportunity to travel with lions by following in the wild creatures’ footsteps! The first part of this tour will begin with an hour-long guided bushwalk where you can observe lions at the waterhole from a platform. Safari guides with experience and training accompany these activities. Additionally on Lions you will also encounter with a number of wildlife species like lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, Rhinos to mention but a few.

For a two-hour trip to the game reserve, you’ll be picked up at 6:00 am. For bush walks with lions, arrive by 8:00 am. Have a tea or coffee break next at 9:30. After that, take a walking tour with a guide through the hyena and white lion camps. Sit on the terrace for a snack break before viewing lions at the waterhole. Return to Johannesburg by car later on.

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