1 Day Kampala City Tour


I Day Kampala City Tour explores you to the pearl of Africa’s capital. Kampala city is the largest city in Uganda and the most populated one with over with about 1,507,189 people covering a total range area of 189 km2. Kampala city was established in the 19th century when the King of Buganda Ssekabaka Mwanga II and his executive chiefs occupied the two hills of Kampala that was Mengo and Rubaga Hills. During the course the town grew and in 1950 was made a municipal council and after few years in 1962 it was upgraded to city.1 Day Kampala City Tour  Late along Kampala was swamp area with numerous swamp and slow rivers, Kampala city was built on 7 hills (Old Kampala, Kololo, Mengo, Rubaga, Nakasero Namirembe and Kibuli hills) it should be noted that today Kampala sits on 21 hills.

Kampala city is Uganda’s major industrial and commercial city with numerous industrial and business centers. The Great business area is composed of various commercial points like shopping malls, banks, forex bureaus, insurance companies, hotels, restaurants, Arcades, rental houses casinos, private and public offices. Number of industrial areas were formed like Nakawa industrial area, Kampala industrial area, Naguru to mention but a few. Luganda is the most spoken language in the city through city is comprised of various people from different parts of the country. However almost 70% of the population in Kampala can understand and speak English. Kampala is the most congested city in Uganda with high population this is due to its high rate of commercialization that any city of the country making it the action point of business in Uganda and land of opportunities. Kampala experience a favorable climate with great weather conditions receiving a warm temperatures for almost a year because of its location along the equator. For all travelers Kampala city is a perfect destination to visit once life time.

This 1 day Tour to Kampala city will explores you to come across in one of the most prodigious cities in East Africa and Africa at large. During your visit to pearl of Africa’s capital you will experience various vibrant attractions like the commercial areas, educational centers, religious places, cultural, traditional and historical centers. While on your visit to these ultimate areas and center you will have an opportunity to have an experience with the love people of the city. Uganda is that country with most welcoming and loving people with good kind heart and it is also one of the most affordable country when it comes to accommodation, it offers a classic accommodation service that suites your expectations at a fair price.

This 1 Day Kampala city tour will be led by our company Guide and also who will be your driver to. The guide will be responsible on your safety and will ensure that you are safe with all your belongings amidst the congestion and busyness in the city. Lunch is also included on this tour and the Guide will make sure that you eat and experience some our local food like Luwombo, Matooke, Lumonde, Muwogo or Kigomando. Travelling will be done by the car but you will also foot in some places in order to interact with the local people and also experience the culture, tradition, lifestyle and behaviors of the locals. The tour usually starts in Kampala and also still ends in Kampala.

Tour highlights

  • Kabaka’s palace
  • Kasubi Tombs
  • The Uganda Museum
  • Uganda Martyrs Shrine
  • Local markets
  • Old Kampala Mosque
  • Rubaga Cathedral
  • Makerere University

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    • Transport
    • Guide
    • Lunch

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    • Drinks
    • Tips
    • Personal expense

Itinary in details

The Uganda Museum: Uganda museum is located in Kampala district the Uganda’s capital, the exhibition Heritage site was established in 1908 by the British protectorate government and it is the oldest museum in East Africa. it major aim of establishment was to displays, conserve and exhibits the Uganda’s history, culture, traditional life, natural heritage and information about Uganda.

Kabaka’s palace: The Kabaka’s palace also known as ‘’Lubiri’’ in local Luganda language it was established in 1885 by the late Kabaka (King) Mwanga Daniel the second who had succeeded his father Mutesa 1 one year before. The palace was named ‘’Twekobe’’ meaning working together, it was also a union camp of all the Buganda’s 52 clans. This magnificent house is home to the king of Buganda kingdom and also a cultural site with incredible attraction. On your visit to the palace to will experience the history, culture, tradition and ancient features of the Kingdom. The local guide on the site will share with you all the information about the palace and the Kingdom at large.

The kabaka’s Palace is also famously known for harboring the Buganda’s parliamentary building knowns as the ‘’Lukiko’’ which was built in the compound of the palace. The Kabaka’s palace has a great memories in the history of Buganda and Uganda in particular. In 1960s former president of Uganda Milito Obote attacked this palace with the government forces and forced who was the ruling king of Buganda Mutesa II to exile where he spent the rest of his life.

Kasubi Tombs: The Kasubi Royal tombs are a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the high rated cultural tourism destination sites in Uganda. The Kasubi tombs are the burial grounds for the fours Kings ‘’Kabaka’s’’ of Buganda Kingdom and hence making it a great spiritual importance in the kingdom. The Buganda kingdom regard the Kasubi Tombs as one of the major important places because it is were the bodies of the former four kings were lied. Once you are at the Tombs you will have an opportunity to get all the information and history of the late kings. The building is made of reeds, wood, grass, and other local materials. You will be left in awe by the unique artifacts and architecture of the tombs. Most of the land area is setup for Agriculture.

Namirembe Cathedral: Saint Paul’s cathedral known as Namirembe Cathedral is the oldest church in Uganda. The cathedral was designed by Arthur Beresford Pite, who was a professor in UK on a request of Bishop Alfred. The foundation of the building was building was laid on 15th and it was full constructed in 1919. The Cathedral is one of the biggest church in Uganda and one of most respected religious places. From the Cathedral, tourists can get beautiful views of the city Center because it is located on high range of Mengo Hill.

Rubaga Cathedral: Saint Mary’s cathedral Rubanga is currently the Roman Archdiocese of Kampala, the Cathedral is located on the top of Rubaga hill and it is the oldest Catholic Church in Uganda. The first African Catholic Bishop, first African Catholic Cardinal and all the Archbishop of Uganda are buried in this cathedral. All visitors going to the cathedral have an opportunity to see the grave of these late spiritual leaders and they will also get chance to be told all history about the church. Because of its location on top of one of Kampala’s prominent hills, visitors can get views of the city center.

The Gaddafi mosque lies on top of one of the 7 indigenous hills of Kampala. The Mosque was built in 2006 from the aid of Libyan government, it was commissioned by the late president Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. The mosque can accommodate about 15,000 people. Due to its 90 meter tower, the Mosque gives a clear view to city center. Apart from the great views of Kampala, the mosque is built with Moroccan architecture and furnished with beautiful carpets.

Our office guide will pick you up at your Hotel or any residence point agreed at and will briefly you about the tour. The first activity will be visiting the National Museum (50 minutes) for a chance to see tradition art work and learn more about the history of Uganda. From the National Museum, the driver will proceed to the Kasubi tombs (50 minutes) were you will be able to explore the burial ground of Buganda Kingdom. After the Kasubi tombs, you will be taken to visit the Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo (50 minutes) to get all information of people who died because of their religion. You will have lunch after visiting Namugongo and it will consist of local food (Luwombo, Lumonde, Kikomando and others).

After having Lunch you will then proceed by visiting the Kabaka’s palace, Kabaka’s Lake for (40 minutes) then to Gadhafi Mosque (30 minutes) and all the other key landmarks. The company driver will also take you to the main taxi parks and staint Balikudembe Market to see the congestion and crowds of people doing their business. After completing your tour of the city in the evening, the driver will take you back to your hotel or residence.

While on this 1 day Kampala to you are required to have some cash with you, camera, drinking water, snacks, cap, shoes, descent clothes, sunglasses. The cash is necessary in case if want to buy some from the national museum, local craft, or anything else. If you have international currency our company guide will take you to genuine forex bureau to make some exchange. You are also require to tree decently to avoid unnecessary attention from the local people. Indecent dressing is prohibited especially when we are visiting the national religious center. Sunglasses and the cap will protect as you from the direct sun light. Remember to but on simple light clothes not to give you a hard task when walking.

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