1 Day Saqqara Tombs and Having Lunch in a Farm with Locals


Sakkara is a place where you can allow your mind to travel through time while admiring the step pyramid and exploring the magnificent recently opened tombs of important members of the ancient Egyptian administration. The earliest step pyramid known to man is a particular style structure that dates back to 2630 B.C. After that, you’ll proceed to the recently opened chamber of the King Unas pyramid, where you may view some very amazing ancient writings and learn their significance from your guide. Then you walk into Sakkara’s most stunning and ideal tomb.

The Prince Mehu Tomb, which is filled with fascinating scenes, depicts several facets of daily life in ancient Egypt. You next enter the monarch Teti’s prime minister’s mausoleum after visiting the pyramid from inside. Then, pause to visit one of Sakkara’s most renowned and historic craft schools, where you can observe the traditional Egyptian village’s woven carpets. Drive to Dahshour village, where you will first see King Farouk Lake, which gained notoriety for the duck hunting expeditions that King Farouk used to undertake there. From this incredible location in Dahshour, you will proceed closer to the bent pyramid and the red pyramid of King Snefru and take pictures of them before returning to a large fruit farm where you will sit on Egyptian-style cushions or mattresses made of palm fronds and reeds to enjoy some special-tasting Egyptian tea and coffee that has been prepared on fire and prepare for the mouthwatering lunch that the Egyptian village will serve.

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