1-Day Zambezi National Park Birding Safari


This small park is especially interesting to birders because it has been home to more than 400 species. Numerous unique species, such as the African finfoot, collared palm-thrush, and Pel’s fishing-owl, can be found in the riverine habitat. During the wet season, African skimmers can be seen on the sandbanks or skimming the water. From November through April, migratory birds can be found here. Lower Zambezi National Park has over 350 bird species, making it one a popular destination for birders.

The park is especially rich in resident and migratory waders, which can be found on riverbanks and sandbanks. Additionally, raptors are well-represented with more than 50 species included. Watch for the magnificent Verreaux’s eagle flying above the escarpment cliffs, which are its preferred home. The African pitta, one of the most prized birds in Africa, breeds here and can be spotted during the rainy season.

The expedition starts with an early-morning pursuit of the area’s showpiece bird, the Schalow’s turaco. Straightaway, we will halt at a location just above the Victoria Falls cascades and take a short stroll to the Zambezi River’s shore. Here, the cool mist of the fall will welcome you as you observe the interesting green and blue turaco and take in the splendor of an incredible African daybreak. As the day progresses, we will head into Zambezi National Park, where we will stop for a filling “Guide’s Breakfast” before continuing on. We’ll set off after breakfast to spend a few hours chasing raptors in the sky before stopping for a picnic lunch.

After lunch is provided, tour participants are driven slowly back to their Victoria Falls lodge or hotel. During lunch, the melodious Bearded Scrub Robin and White-Bowed Scrub Robin typically provide the entertainment.

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