12 Days Kenya birding Safari


With more than 1,090 species of birds, Kenya is home to the second-highest bird list in all of Africa. On this tour, we hope to see about 450 of these birds, including many of the most sought-after Kenyan and regional endemics, as we travel to many of the nation’s most important locations. Kenya is undoubtedly a wonderland, especially for safaris during the Great Migration and for birding, wildlife, and nature tours. This makes it the ideal safari location for your ideal African vacations.

Kenya has a wide variety of bird species in its birding locations. During your 12-day birding safari in Kenya, you will see a wide variety of birds in almost every habitat imaginable, including forests, lakes, grasslands, rivers, woodlands, swamps, and much more. For safari enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, discovering these smaller animals among Kenya’s vast and open landscapes is a great experience.

On our 12 Days Kenya birding Safari We will visit the soda lakes and freshwater lakes at Naivasha, Nakuru, and Baringo as well as grasslands at both high and low altitudes, as well as typical savannah woodlands and the magnificent Samburu. Extreme drylands, diverse tropical habitats, including Kakamega Forest, one of the best birding spots in Kenya, mountainous ecosystems and escarpments like Mount Kenya a just a few birding location you will visit.

Tour highlights

  • Arrival and Pick up – Mountain Kenya for bird watching
  • Full day birding Mt Kenya
  • Full day birding in the Great Rift Valley
  • Second Day Birding in the Great Rift Valley
  • Transfer to Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo
  • Full Day Birding on Bogoria & Baringo lakes
  • Transfer to Kakamega Forest for birding
  • Full day birding in Kakamega
  • Transfer to Lake Victoria
  • Transfer to Masai Mara
  • Full day Masai Mara
  • Morning game drive and Departure for Nairobi

Itinary in details

Upon your arrival, You will set out for Mountain Kenya, where you will arrive in time for lunch. The forest that encircles the mountain has a variety of trails that can be used to view the forest’s various bird species. In the forest, you will go bird watching in the late afternoon. You will keep an eye out for bird species like Olive & Bronze napped pigeons, Silvery Cheeked hornbills, Ruppels Robin Chat, White-starred Forest Robin, Mountain Greenbul, Stuhlmans sterling, and possibly Vereaux Eagle. You’ll return to your Lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

After breakfast, you will travel through various vegetation zones and low moorland as you drive to the Mt. Kenya slopes. Watch out for other bird species while traveling. Following lunch, you will depart for the birding along the riverside forests. Black ducks, Hartulabs Turacos, Crowned Hornbills, Paradise Flycatchers, and Sunbirds are just a few of the birds you can see in this area. You will head back to your lodge for dinner and an overnight stay once all the activities have been completed.

Following breakfast at your lodge, you’ll set out for a full day of birding in the Great Rift Valley and the Sosyambu wildlife sanctuary. You can go on night game drives to see different bird species, including flamingos and pelicans, if you so choose.

After a leisurely breakfast in the early morning, You will leave for a full day of birding in the Sosyambu wildlife sanctuary with a packed lunch in hand. In particular, look out for bird species like Narina Trogon, Arrow-marked Babbler, Red-headed Weaver, Hildebrand’s Francolin, Montane, and Dusky Night Jars. You will go on a quick side trip to Lake Nakuru following your lunch.

You will travel to Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo after breakfast. You will see various bird species along the way. You will travel to Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo after breakfast. You will see various bird species along the way. You will go on an excursion to see the hippos and other animals in the afternoon.

After eating breakfast, go on a boat tour to look for water bird species like the Dark Chanting Goshawk, Silverbird, Cliffchats, Jackson’s and Yellow-billed Hornbills, Brown-tailed Rock Chat, Bristle-crowned Startling, Verreaux Eagle, and Spotted Eagle Owl.

After a leisurely breakfast, you will leave for a full day of birding in the Kakamega Forest carrying your packed lunch. You will travel via the Tugen Hills, the Kerio Valley, the Serikwa plateau, and finally the Kakamega Forest.

After breakfast, you’ll spend the rest of the day birdwatching in the forest in search of bird species like the Great Blue Turacco, Emerald Cuckoo, Blue Headed Bee Eater, Black and White Casked Hornbill, Black-billed, and Viellot’s Black Weavers.

On this day, you will eat breakfast very early in the morning before heading to the Lake Victoria shores for morning birding. You’ll take a boat ride to a nearby island to look for additional bird species that enjoy the water.

After a hearty breakfast, you will depart for the Masai Mara game reserve, which is home to all five of the Big Five species name Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffaloes, as well as Topi, Eland, Thompson and Grant Gazelles, among many others. It is home to a variety of bird species, such as Open-billed Storks, Temminck’s Courser, Yellow-throated Sangrouse, Usambiro Barbet, and Denham’s Bustard.

After a hearty breakfast at the lodge, head out for a full-day game drive in search of big cats like elephants, lions, leopards, and buffaloes with your packed lunch. Later, head to the Mara River to search for hippo pools, enormous crocodiles, and the famous wildebeest crossing.

Get up early to go on a morning game drive in search of any additional animals you might have missed during your previous game drives. After returning to the lodge for breakfast, you’ll take a transfer back to Nairobi, where you’ll arrive in the early afternoon. Depending on the time of your flight, you will either be dropped off at the Nairobi hotel or at the airport.

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