2-Days Mokoro Adventure


The mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe, is a must-try for a really one-of-a-kind experience when exploring the waterways. The experience of peacefully gliding through waters that have been cleaned by water lilies, reeds, papyrus, and Kalahari sand offers visitors a unique perspective on the countless treasures. Ride traditional mokoro boats that were formerly carved from centuries-old Delta trees but are now constructed from environmentally friendly fiberglass as you navigate a maze of transparent waterways and opaque lagoons. As you discreetly pass by unaware creatures, discover the Delta, which are perched just centimeters above the water. A remote system of islands and rivers lies at the center of the Delta, where activity slows down even more. Visit red lechwe and elephant herds that are grazing on palm islands. Crocodiles and hippos are wading close as the graceful African fish eagle watches over them.

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The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s largest inland water systems. The Okavango Delta encompasses around 16 000 square kilometers of Kalahari land. Wake up and have your small bag packed before we take you up from your Maun lodging. You will only need a little quantity of luggage for your one-night vacation in the delta. We travel to the Okavango Delta, where you will meet your native mokoro guide and poler. Native mokoro community guides lead this activity, although our chef also comes. Unquestionably, traveling by mokoro is the best way to experience the Okavango delta. You can explore the waterways and go on nature hikes to track animals and get a close-up view of this extraordinary environment. Here, the birdlife is spectacular, and you can get a much richer experience of the bush on foot, including the flora and fauna that might otherwise go unnoticed. We spend one night at a wilderness campground.

Following breakfast, we will head back to the mokoro station, where our car will be waiting for us. We will stop by the office to retrieve the luggage we left there on our way to the delta. You will be driven to the airport or the location of your accommodation.

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