2 Days to El Minya from Cairo


This excursion will take you to El Minya, located in Upper Egypt four hours south of Cairo, off the beaten path of conventional tourism. Enjoy a two-day tour of the local attractions, which include the remains and Pharaonic tombs at Tuna El Gabal, Beni Hassan, and Tel Amarna. Pharaohs were both the monarchs of state and the religious leaders of ancient Egypt. The word “pharaoh” refers to the palace where the pharaoh resides and has the meaning “Great House.” Early Egyptian kings were referred to as “kings,” but with time the term “pharaoh” became more prevalent.

Tour highlights

  • Arrival in El Minya & transfer to Tuna El Gabal
  • Visit Beni Hassan, Tel El Amarna, & depart Cairo

Itinary in details

Your private driver – guide will pick you up in the morning and take you roughly 4 hours to El Minya from your accommodation in Cairo or Giza. Arrive in El-Minya and begin exploring the area, paying particular attention to the vast plain where Akhenaton drew inspiration from the gods to build his metropolis. Lunch will be provided at a neighborhood eatery in El Minya, after which you will travel to Tuna El Gabal to see the Petosiris tomb, the Ibis catacombs, and the Isadora tomb (which dates to the second century AD and is home to Isadora, a woman known for her beauty in the city of Hermopolis). You will spend the night in El Minya.

You will be escorted by your tour guide to Beni Hassan in the morning, where you can visit the tombs of Bakhet III (the Governor of the Oryx Nome), Khnumhotep (a governor under Amenemhat III in the 12th dynasty), and Khety (a governor from the 11th dynasty). Afterwards, go to Tel El Amarna to explore the northern tombs, including the Ahmose and Huya tombs. Lunch is served at a nearby restaurant. Return later by car to your Cairo hotel.

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