3 Days Liwonde National Park Safari


During this journey, we’ll go to Liwonde National Park, Malawi’s most popular safari location. The park is controlled by African Parks, and this safari allows us to search for larger creatures that have lately been reintroduced into the country. You will also be able to observe the superb park’s ecological equilibrium. Liwonde is one of Malawi’s game parks, even though it is only 220 square miles (580 square kilometers) in size, Its stunning riverine landscape and abundant species make for exciting safaris. Located in the southern part of Malawi near Lake Malombe’s southernmost point, Liwonde National Park is a true national treasure that should not be missed. Liwonde National Park was established in 1973 after Chief Liwonde fought for its designation as a significant place for Malawi’s wildlife heritage.

There are several elephants in the area, and the river attracts many hippos and crocodiles. With the help of African Parks, who took over management of the Park in 2015 and are working to make Liwonde a premier safari destination, lion, cheetah, and wild dogs have just been reintroduced to the area. Kudu, sable, and bushbuck are antelope. Hyaenas, black rhinos, and leopards are also occasionally seen. The bird kingdom is incredibly diverse. Eagles and weaver birds establish their nests in the sparse vegetation, which draws fish to the river. At dusk, Pel’s fishing owls are frequently spotted by the river’s side.

Tour highlights

  • Transfer from Lilongwe to Liwonde National Park
  • Explore Liwonde National Park
  • Depart for Lilongwe

Itinary in details

Today you will be picked up in Lilongwe and we will depart at 8:00 a.m. for Liwonde National Park. We’ll stop at Dedza Pottery before arriving in Liwonde for lunch. After lunch and setting up camp, we’ll meet up with the rangers to enjoy the evening boat excursion on the Shire River. Vistors are expected to assist with meal preparation and tent setup. Visitors will also be expected to assist with dismantling camp and loading the van on the day of departure.

We can access the park as soon as it opens by waking up early. We’ll then walk around the park looking for natural treasures. As we prepare for the afternoon game drive with one of the local rangers in an open vehicle, we will then return to camp for a late breakfast and an early lunch. Before retiring to bed and drifting off to sleep while listening to the sounds of the African night, we will lastly eat dinner over the campfire.

After breaking up our camp and enjoying a leisurely breakfast, we will say our goodbyes to Liwonde National Park and return to Lilongwe, the capital city.

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