4 Days Classic Etosha National Park


This tour is for individuals who enjoy lengthy game drives, animals, and having a unique safari experience while visiting Namibia. This tour will appeal to you if you want to learn more about Namibia’s wildlife in-depth and prefer to appreciate animal sightings versus moving quickly from one location to another. A knowledgeable guide will help you understand Etosha’s vegetation, animals, and other developments because they are familiar with the large area like the back of their hand. One of the best places in Namibia to see big cats up close is Okonjima Natura Reserve. Take a 4-day safari in Etosha National Park, one of Africa’s most recognizable parks. In one of our specially designed off-road vehicles, you can easily enjoy the Etosha’s amazing safari chances and stunning vistas. You may run into lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and many more large and small animals along the journey. Visit the Etosha Pan and take in the tranquilly there. You visit the AfriCat Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to the defence of some of Namibia’s most endangered carnivore species, in addition to witnessing incredible wildlife sightings.

Tour highlights

  • Transfer to Etosha National Park
  • Discover Etosha National Park
  • Transfer to Okonjima
  • Departure for Windhoek

Itinary in details

After a quick safari orientation in the morning and after your luggage has been securely secured, your excursion may begin. You will be in awe of the stunning, open spaces Namibia has to offer as you travel across its countryside. Additionally, you travel through a number of small villages where you are welcome to stop for lunch (optional). The Etosha Safari Camp, located just south of the entrance to the Etosha National Park, will be your place to stay for the following two nights. You start your first game drive at the park after a brief check-in. One of Africa’s most well-known parks, the Etosha National Park, offers wonderful opportunities for game drives. On this afternoon game drive, with any luck, you can see a variety of species because your guide is familiar with the animals’ preferred hiding spots.

Those who get up early are frequently rewarded when on safari. Additionally, you get to see the spectacular sunrise that the Etosha region is famous for producing. You get to go on safari today for the entire day, looking for some of Africa’s most famous animal residents. Lions, rhinos, and elephants frequently steal the show. In addition, there are herds of zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, and different antelope in the Etosha National Park. all contributing significantly to a wide ecology. Take your time at the many watering holes so that you might frequently be rewarded with great wildlife sightings. Another option is to stop at the Etosha Pan, a vast salt flat that is so large it can be seen from space. In the indigenous Oshiwambo language, this is where Etosha gets its name, which translates as “Great White Place.” Why is clear to see. You head back to your tent as the shadows lengthen; you’ll have plenty of fresh tales to share that evening.

Before continuing on to the Okonjima Plains Camp, your next stop, a healthy meal should be consumed in the morning. In addition to being in a stunning location, the camp provides an afternoon wildlife drive that has a decent possibility of seeing leopard and brown hyena. The camp also has self-guided nature trails that you can safely walk along as an alternative. a nice opportunity to enjoy your surroundings while extending your legs a little. In the evening, you’ll be treated to another delectable meal.

In the morning, you’ll pay a visit to the AfriCat Foundation’s Carnivore Care and Information Centre. One of Namibia’s most endangered carnivore species is being protected by the nonprofit organization AfriCat. For its work on big cat conservation, the Foundation is particularly well-known and regarded. You will learn more about the active conservation work that the Foundation undertakes from the guide during the activity. You then proceed to Okahandja on your way back to Windhoek after these activities. From the market run by the local woodcarvers, you can purchase various handmade trinkets here. Your voyage with us concludes when you arrive in Windhoek, and we hope to see you again soon!

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