4 Days Mount Elgon Hiking


The 4 Days Mount Elgon Hiking/Trekking Safari will enable you to hike the mountain and take in magnificent vistas, including those of the caves and Sipi waterfalls, among other things.

The two nations of East Africa share four of Mt. Elgon’s high summits. On the Ugandan side, Wagagai Peak, which has a height of 4321 meters, is the highest point. Jackson’s Summit, Kiongo Peak, and Mubiyi are three other peaks on Mount Elgon, with elevations of 4165, 4303, and 4210 meters, respectively. Several regional tribes surround the mount call it Mt. Masaba This name honors the notable ancestors who lived around the mountain for a long time and went by the names Bagishu and Bamasaba. They refer to their god by the name Bamasamba, who they think resides in a mountain cave. The Sabiny, who live on the other side of the mountain, and the Bagishu, who control the area around it, are the two most notable local tribes.

Mt. Elgon has a volcanic base that is more than 4,000 square kilometers in size, making it the largest in the world as well as in Uganda. The mountain is not only the oldest volcano in East Africa, but it is also the largest. It has an 80-kilometer circle and is located more than 3000 meters above sea level. The mountain provides the Bagishu people with a stable source of income and serves as a water catchment area for the River Sipi, which forms the magnificent Sipi Falls. To obtain Malewa, one of the favorite sources, the villagers must walk to the mountain.

4 Days Mount Elgon Hiking, Another exciting in the park are the Sipi falls, Sipi Falls is a waterfall in the East of Uganda, 277 kilometers from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, in the Kapchorwa district. These waterfalls are situated near the Kenyan-Uganda border, close to the Mount Elgon National Park, on the mountain’s foothills. The term “sep” is the name of an indigenous plant that grows wild along the banks of the Sipi River and resembles a banana. The locals in that region utilize this plant as medicine to treat fevers and measles.

Three waterfalls, each pouring from a different height, make up the Sipi Falls. Since it is the final in the sequence and the highest fall, it is known as the major fall. Although this fall is slightly larger than the other two falls, all three falls in Uganda contribute to the country’s stunning environment. In fact, the majority of people claim that Sipi Falls are Uganda’s “most romantic falls,” as proven by the magnificent falls. Most treks to Mount Elgon begin from this region, in general. The Karamoja lowlands, Lake Kyoga, coffee plantations, and other nearby landscapes are all visible from the hike up to these falls.

Tour highlights

  • Travel to Mount Elgon
  • Kapkwai Trail forest exploration
  • Sasa Trail
  • Nature Walk & Return Trip to Kampala

    Price Includes:

    • Safari Includes;
    • Transportation in 4×4 vehicle
    • Accommodation-Full board
    • Frequent English speaking tour guide/drive
    • Bottled drinking water
    • Entrance Fees

    Price Excludes:

    • International Flights
    • Visa
    • Personal Expenses; Alcohol, Cigar, Tips.

Itinary in details

After receiving a briefing, depart Kampala with your driver guide for Mount Elgon. Mount Elgon is situated in the eastern section of Uganda, close to the Kenyan border. Of of all the extinct volcanoes in the globe, The Mountain has the largest surface area. The most stunning gorges, rocks, and waterfalls in the entire nation may be found at Mount Elgon. Visit Mbale for lunch while you’re there, you will walk to and around the Sipi falls, known as Uganda’s romantic falls, after arriving. Return, eat dinner, then stay the night. Options for lodging include Sipi Falls Rest Camp and Sipi River Lodge.

After breakfast, get up so early and depart the lodge with a packed lunch to start your forest excursion. Do a loop via the Mountain Bamboo route, which is 7 km long, in Kapkwai at the exploration center. This will allow you to see the gorge, its southern side, the calm river, and more. It is a genuinely wonderful experience. Come back later, eat dinner, and stay the night. Sipi River Lodge or the Sipi Falls Rest Camp are two lodging alternatives.

After breakfast, set off on a full day’s hike up the Sasa trail, where you can get a better view of the moorland and other breathtaking scenery from a higher elevation. Enjoy your lunch that you brought, then go back for dinner and the night.

Have a delicious breakfast before going for a quick walk in the woodland. After having lunch along the route, head back to Kampala to conclude the safari.

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