4 Days Mount Kenya Trek


4 Days Mount Kenya Trek is a four-day adventure that takes place on Mount Kenya and begins and ends in Nairobi. You will hike to the summit, known as Lenana peak, along the scenic Sirimon route.

Mount Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain and, after Kilimanjaro, the second-highest mountain in Africa. The mountain’s highest peaks, Nelion (5,188 meters/17,021 feet) and Batian (5,199 meters/17,057 feet) are distinctive twin peaks and provide challenging climbing routes. The highest trekking peak in the Mount Kenya range is Point Lenana (4,985 m/ 16,355 ft.). A region of low-lying shrubbery is followed by a belt of naturally occurring, uniform bamboo as hikers ascend. Finally, the altitude is too high for plants and animals to survive, leaving behind a bleak moonscape of jagged rock and ice. These 3 million-year-old, eroded volcanic slopes offer a difficult and breathtaking finish.

Expect to pass through distinct regions with a variety of vegetation as you hike. Gentle farmlands give way to a dense rain forest full of camphor trees, monkeys of various species, buffalo, elephants, and even leopards. Hiking Mount Kenya promises the experience of a lifetime with its snow-covered peaks, panoramic views of its forested slopes, and the surrounding African plains.

4 Days Mount Kenya Trek, A different experience is scaling Mount Kenya. You should climb Kilimanjaro, without a doubt, but if you’re looking for a more fascinating rock in Africa, you’ll eventually come across Mount Kenya. There are several ways for mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts to reach one of Mount Kenya’s three peaks. You can make it as challenging as you like. This blog post will primarily focus on the simplest but no less thrilling method of climbing Mount Kenya: on foot. You can hike up Mount Kenya, yes. We chatted with Evans Mwangi, a guide and porter who has scaled Mount Kenya hundreds of times, and asked him for his advice on the hike.

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    Price Includes:

    • Transfer to and from Mount Kenya
    • Full board accommodation
    • All park entrance fees
    • Professional English speaking guide
    • Professional guide
    • Water during the hike on Mount Kenya

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    • Visas
    • Flights
    • Sleeping bags, hiking gears
    • Accommodation before or after the hike on Mount Kenya
    • Anything else not included in the itinerary

Itinary in details

You will be greeted by your guide in Nairobi, who will then drive you to Nanyuki. The porters will be waiting for you as you make your way to Sirimon gate. You will hike from Sirimon Gate to Old Moses Camp, where you will spend the night.

You will hike through moorland from Old Moses camp to Shipton camp after breakfast. You will eat lunch en route and spend the night at Shipton camp, which is close to the summits of Batian Peak, Nelion Peak, and Lenana Peak.

You will begin your summit attempt on this day after waking up early to eat breakfast. You will need to climb for two to three hours to reach Lenana peak. On your way to Lenana peak, where you can enjoy taking pictures, you will trek through rocky terrain, steep scree, and Mintos hut. After stopping for lunch, you’ll continue to the ridge with a view of Lake Michaelson and the gorge valley. You will spend the night at Old Moses’ camp after returning.

Before descending from Old Moses to the Mount Kenya bandas, you’ll have breakfast at your lodging. On this two-hour hike, you may come across various wildlife species. You will be picked up from the Bandas by your guide, who will then drive you to Nairobi to conclude your four-day hike.

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