6 Days Rwanda Wildlife safari.


This 6-day Rwanda safari is intended for anyone who are interested in seeing golden monkeys, mountain gorillas, and chimpanzees in the wild. The safari begins with a city tour of Kigali before continuing on to Nyungwe National Park to go chimpanzee tracking. Travelers will be driven from Nyungwe to the shores and islands of the stunning Lake Kivu for a day of water-related activities. . After Kivu, the adventure goes on to Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park, where mountain gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking are possible. By the end of your journey, you would have seen some of the top Rwanda wildlife safari locations. Let’s go into greater detail about the two primary locations.

One of the biggest national parks in Rwanda is Nyungwe. The oldest afro-montane forest in Africa is found there. Rwanda’s primate capital is known as Nyungwe forest. The forest is home to 13 different primates species, including chimpanzees, the Angola Colobus, golden monkeys, and black and white Colobuses. The main pursuits in Nyungwe are birdwatching, forest canopy walks, chimpanzee tracking, small primate spotting, and nature walks. On the other hand, Rwanda’s most popular tourist destination is the Volcanoes National Park. The park is situated at a high elevation and is surrounded by five magnificent volcanoes. When Dian Fossey founded her Karisoke research center in the 1960s to study mountain gorillas, the Volcanoes National Park gained notoriety. There are currently 350 mountain gorillas living in the park. Gorilla trekking, touring the Musanze caves, climbing a mountain, searching for golden monkeys, and walking to view Dian Fossey’s grave and her former research center are the primary activities.

You’ll be really pleased with your trip and the overall splendor of Rwanda by the end of this six-day safari. You may want to look into our longer 15-day safari package, which includes the finest of Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda, if you want to go on a longer vacation. The shorter 5-day Rwanda safari trip is an option as well.

Tour highlights

  • Visiting Kigali city – Genocide memorial site, city market, and presidential palace museum and souvenir shops.
  • Chimpanzee Trekking in Nyungwe forest.
  • Gorilla tracking at the volcanoes national park.
  • Golden Monkey Tracking.
  • Canopy forest Walk in Nyungwe forest.
  • Visiting Lake Kivu.
  • Visiting the Iby’iwacu cultural village.
    • Price Includes:

    • A 4×4 wheel drive safari vehicle
    • Tour Driver/Guide
    • Gorilla Permits
    • Chimpanzee Permits
    • Golden monkey permits
    • Full board accommodation for 5 nights
    • Pickup and drop-off at your hotel or the airport in Kigali
    • Visiting the Gorilla Guardians Village
    • Activities in Lake Kivu

      Price Excludes:

    • International flights and Air tickets
    • Tips to the guide and Hotel staff
    • Personal expenses like Alcohol, Cigar, Crafts

    Itinary in details

    You will be picked up from the airport or your hotel by a company driver who will give you a tour overview. Following the briefing, the driver will take you on the well-known Kigali city tour. On this tour, you will see the presidential palace Museum, one of the main marketplaces, the genocide memorial center, and one souvenir shop. Also, you ought to be able to drive around and take in some of the notable suburbs and buildings. You’ll adore the tour of Kigali, a small but lovely city. You will begin the arduous journey to Nyungwe National Park following the city tour. The country’s south-western region is home to the Nyungwe Forest, which is well-known for chimpanzee tracking, smaller primate viewing, nature walks, birding, and enjoying a forest canopy walk. It takes around 5 hours to travel to the park, but you won’t be bored because the scenery and sights along the way are magnificent.

    Dinner and overnight lodging will be at one of three hotels: Nyungwe Top View Hotel, Nyungwe Forest Lodge, or Gisakura Guest House (Mid-range).

    You will get up early, eat breakfast, and head to the Nyungwe forest headquarters for the briefing on chimpanzee tracking. The briefing, which provides an outline of what to expect when chimpanzee trekking, is typically led by a senior park guide. Following the briefing, you will travel to the forest with the park guide and rangers. The finest locations to locate the chimpanzees are known to the guides and Rangers. Twelve other ape species live in the Nyungwe forest. While searching for the chimps, be prepared to come upon them. Chimpanzees are very mobile prima be prepared for a lot of drama and noise once you locate them. Each chimp has a unique personality, and you can observe moms nursing their young, young chimps playing, and older chimps mating and grooming one another. We hope you capture the primates in as many pictures as you can, unlike gorillas. Because of their small weight, they also spend more time on trees.

    You will spend an hour watching the chimps before returning to the lodge for lunch. Later in the afternoon, our driver will take you on a forest canopy walk where you may look for various tree and bird species. You may get a comprehensive picture of the forest and its inhabitants by taking the forest canopy hike. After chimpanzee trekking, the canopy walk is the second most popular activity in Nyungwe forest, lasting around two hours.

    Dinner and overnight lodging will be at one of three hotels: Nyungwe Top View Hotel, Nyungwe Forest Lodge, or Gisakura Guest House (Mid-range).

    You’ll rise up at your convenience, have breakfast, and get ready to leave for Lake Kivu. The largest lake in Rwanda, Lake Kivu, stretches all the way to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Check in at your accommodation and then eat lunch there. You will enjoy a boat ride along the lake in the afternoon, stopping at various islands along the way. The rest of the evening might be spent relaxing by the lakeshore or going swimming.

    Dinner and overnight accommodations at the luxury Lake Kivu Serena hotel, the budget-friendly Palm Resort Gardens, and the Paradise Marahide (Mid-range).

    Take breakfast and wait for the company guide, you will get up when it is convenient for you. You’ll go on one last tour of Lake Kivu with the Guide, during which you’ll keep an eye out for birds and primates. Visits to fishing communities and discussions with local fishermen on their profession will make up the last portion. Beautiful and lovely scenery can be found around Lake Kivu. To provide visitors with the finest experiences possible, Rwanda’s government has improved the Lake’s beaches and islands. The chance to interact with the local populations and learn about their way of life is one of the best aspects of exploring the lake. You will leave for the Volcanoes National Park after doing all the lakeside activities.

    Dinner and overnight stay at Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, and The Garden Place Hotel (Budget) (Mid-range).

    Gorilla trekking briefing begins extremely early, so you should get at the park’s administrative center in Musanze by 7:00 am. The mandatory briefing for gorilla tracking provides an opportunity to register, learn about the basics of gorilla trekking, and get advice on how to behave around gorillas. You will be matched to a gorilla group based on your age and general fitness during the briefing as well. Ten habituated gorilla families are trackable in Rwanda. Upon receiving your briefing, notify park officials or your tour operator if you have a particular family in mind. Other gorilla families live or travel deep into the bush, while some gorilla families are nearby. To pursue individuals who venture farther into the woods or mountains, you must be in good physical condition. Take as many pictures as you can of the gorilla family once you find them because you only have an hour with them. Stick to your park guide’s advice and maintain your composure at all times, especially if a gorilla approaches you curiously.

    Following an hour of primate observation, you should return to the starting location, where our guide will be waiting for you. Back at the lodge for lunch and a nap, the Guide will transport you. Cleaning your boots and apparel should be assisted by the hotel personnel. The Guide will accompany you to the Gorilla Guardians Village later in the afternoon or evening. The Centre, formerly known as the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village, features every fascinating aspect of Banyarwanda culture. A request for participation will be made as you are entertained by cultural entertainers.

    Dinner and overnight stay at Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, and The Garden Place Hotel (Budget) (Mid-range).

    Get up early and await the driver to take you to the park for a second briefing on trekking with golden monkeys. At the park headquarters, more than one hundred visitors will greet you. Some might have traveled to Rwanda for a six-day gorilla expedition, to see Dian Fossey’s burial, or to climb one of the Virunga volcanoes. An endangered subspecies of the blue monkey is the golden monkey. They are incredibly adorable because of their golden coats. In the slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes, bamboo shoots are a staple food source for the monkeys. Because of forest encroachment and other human-related activities, their numbers have drastically decreased during the past 20 years. Rwandan golden monkey hiking takes two to four hours, and by midday you should be out of the forest. You will turn around and return to the starting location, where our tour guide will be waiting to drive you back to Kigali. Three hours are required to travel to Kigali via stunning landscape and countless patches of greenery. If you are still in Rwanda, the driver will transport you to your accommodation rather than the airport.

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