7 Days Red Sea Safari


Egypt is one of the cradles of civilization and is the location of the ancient Mt Sinai, where Moses discovered the Ten Commandments. Additionally, it is a place of expansive beauty, where plains extend along white sand beaches and sun-dappled seas tumble over coral reefs that color the Gulf of Aqaba. On our journey, we stop along the Sinai Peninsula’s coral shoreline. More than 800 kilometers of Egypt’s Red Sea shoreline run from the Suez Canal in the north to Sudan in the south. This destination is ideal for our Swim Trek tours in the winter because of its well-known blue waters, dazzling coral, and diverse marine life. It is also listed among the top ten locations in the world to dive and snorkel, making it a great choice for individuals who enjoy having fun underwater. One location in particular stands out in that way; it is the 80-meter-deep Blue Hole, a term that should sound familiar to anyone who has ever made an aquatic bucket list.

Tour highlights

  • Arrival and pick up Dahab
  • Transfer to Blue Hole
  • Explore southern oasis

Itinary in details

We will meet at your Dahab hotel and provide a preliminary briefing before your acclimatization swim. Then we can go into more detail about the week while you unwind with a welcome drink.

Following breakfast, we will travel to Eel Gardens to swim along this beautiful reef, which ends in Assalah Bay. We will return to the hotel for lunch and some downtime before our afternoon swim, making the most of our great position. After that, we’ll swim along the coast to a diving spot called The Islands that has stunning coral formations. We will film you both above and below the water while you swim. This will enable us to assess your stroke and provide helpful recommendations over beverages at the hotel.

We’ll start the day after breakfast with a Jeep ride to the Blue Hole. The hole plunges to an unbelievable 80 meters, making it a swimming destination not to be missed. We will spend the day in and around this wonderful location. After a successful morning swim, we will have lunch at a nearby restaurant and unwind before heading out for our afternoon swim. Starting at the Blue Hole, we will go along the reefed shoreline to The Canyon dive site, where the day comes to a close.

Immediately following breakfast, we will begin our half-day with a brief trip back to The Islands, where we will start our swim out to Napoleon Reef. It is the ideal place to swim to and is only reachable by boat. It will offer breathtaking underwater sights due to the variety of diverse corals and aquatic life. After the morning swim, we will return to land so you can take the afternoon off to rest, explore the neighborhood, or choose a lunch location.

Today we’ll return to the Blue Hole, but this time we’ll take a short Bedouin boat ride north and start swimming down the coast to Ras Abu Galum. We’ll halt at Dolphin Kamp for lunch and some downtime. We will begin our swim at Ras Abu Galum and travel back south after unwinding from the morning’s activities. Before boarding our transfer to the hotel, we exit just before Blue Hole so you can have a return coastal walk. Our exploration of this protected marine habitat, which is abundant in marine species, is made possible by these two fantastic coastline swims.

We will now go south to Happy Life Village, a region of exceptional natural beauty. With two swims toward the iconic reef of Umm Elsid, we will have the opportunity to explore this area. Before noon, we set out from Happy Village in the north and go through Moray Gardens to Three Pools. Following lunch, we will head from Three Pools to Umm Elsid to wrap out the day before taking a boat back to Happy Village.

A morning swim in front of the hotel will mark the conclusion of your Red Sea Safari after an exciting week of swimming along the coast, in the reef, and in bays.

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