8 Days Egyptian Cultural Adventure


This eight-day vacation in Egypt crams in the best of culture and adventure. Discover the Great Pyramids of Giza, the most well-known of all the ancient structures along the Nile. Enjoy some traditional meal with a Nubian family in a nearby village as you immerse yourself in the culture and meet fascinating people. Aswan and Luxor have bustling bazaars that you can feel. However, while cruising the Nile in a typical felucca, manage to unwind and see life as it happens. Organize your cultural tours in Egypt right away with us.

Tour highlights

  • Arrival in Cairo
  • Cairo city tour
  • Nile Felucca
  • Explore Aswan
  • Nile Felucca
  • Transfer to Luxor
  • Departure Cairo

Itinary in details

On this day, our representative will greet and assist you when you arrive at Cairo International Airport. He will assist you with all of your procedures at passport control, customs, and at the luggage area the next. For drop-off, a private air-conditioned vehicle will transport you to your 5-star hotel.

Today you will visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx before heading to the Egyptian Museum for a guided tour. Take a train to Aswan for the night. Visit the pyramids right away to learn about their fascinating history. Later, see more historic treasures at the Egyptian Museum. Take an overnight train to Aswan in the evening.

Explore Aswan first, then go to a Nubian village and have dinner at a local family’s house. Spend your morning free time exploring the souk or strolling along the Nile. Get on a felucca (a traditional boat) later to travel to Elephantine Island and see a Nubian community. After exploring the small town, have a traditional meal at a neighbor’s house.

This morning, you’ll go sightseeing in Aswan. Decide to go see Abu Simbel’s majestic temples. The Temple of Abu Simbel is among the region’s intriguing landmarks. Choose a half-day tour of the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the Philae Temple afterwards. To discover more about Aswan’s natives, proceed to the contemporary Nubian Museum.

Sail down the Nile on a felucca accompanied by a support boat. Sleep beneath the stars onboard. Embark on the felucca. The rest of the day and night will be spent on the river.

Prior to traveling to Luxor, take a guided tour of Kom Ombo Temple. Then stop by the Temple of Karnak on the way.

Today, you’ll board a private car and explore some of ancient Thebes’ many wonders. On the west bank of Luxor are two 17-meter-tall statues known as the Colossi of Memnon, which is where you start. Made of granite pieces and carved. They were formerly a part of an elegant colonnade, and they stand in for Pharaoh Amenhotep III. For a unique trip around the nearby villages and sugar cane fields that lasts about 30 minutes, hop on some donkeys (only available during the winter months of October to May). Proceed to the magnificent Valley of the Kings, which is where the Kings were interred. Over 60 elaborately decorated pharaoh tombs are located here, buried beneath the dry hills. Explore this vast and amazing location. The pharaohs of the New Kingdom (16th–11th century BC) were secretly buried there for all time. Your tour guide will go through these exceptional individuals’ lives, their funerary customs, and the significance of the numerous paintings and hieroglyphics. Additionally, have lunch with a local family to sample some delectable homemade traditional fare. You are free to explore the rest of the afternoon. In your free time, I highly recommend visiting the Luxor Museum. As an alternative, rent a bike and explore the countryside. For a better-quality experience. Take a look at the Winter Palace. A beautiful five-star historical structure with stunning views of the Nile is a terrific place to have a cool cocktail. Take a sleeper train from Luxor to Cairo overnight (around 10 hours).

On this day, day rooms are available till noon for your pleasure and convenience. Consider joining the rest of the group for a goodbye brunch after you’re established. In addition, there are no other plans for the day. After the early morning arrival, you are welcome to go at any time. To avoid travel delays or heavy traffic, we ask that you avoid scheduling departure flights before 3 o’clock.

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