Trip of Lake Bunyonyi for 3 Days


Trip of Lake Bunyonyi for 3 Days, you may relax, go island hopping, swimming, canoeing, and engage in a variety of other activities at one of Uganda’s most stunning crater lakes. Lake Bunyonyi is located in the Kabale District in the southwest of Uganda, close to the Rwandan border. One of the most popular tourist locations in Uganda is Lake Bunyonyi and one of the most naturally stunning lakes in all of Africa. The lake draws visitors, newlyweds, and Ugandans who want to escape the hectic city life and take advantage of the mild climate and picturesque islands. The lake is an excellent location for meditation and relaxation because it provides stunning panoramic views from all sides. The Lake was created by a volcanic eruption that flooded the valley with water thousands of years ago.

The name Bunyonyi, which refers to the incredible variety of bird species that why the lake and its islands is called a home birds, Making it a perfect destination for birding. Bunyonyi Lake It is one of the deepest lakes in Africa, and its location experiences year-round cool temperatures and adequate precipitation to support the beautiful green hills that surround the lake. After visiting one of Uganda’s magnificent national parks, such as Bwindi or Queen Elizabeth, it is the ideal place to unwind. Lake Bunyonyi it is composed of twenty-nine islands, including the infamous Punishment Island, Bushara, Njuyeera, and Bwama (Akampene). Every girl who became pregnant before marriage among the Bakiga in the area was abducted and left on Akampene Island to perish from starvation or drowning (girls were not taught how to swim). Pregnancy was a sin back then because no one would pay top dollar for a girl who was unmarried and pregnant.

One can engage in activities like swimming, island hopping, canoeing, nature hikes, village visits, birding, and swimming while on our 3-day Lake Bunyonyi safari. Although being free of bilharzia, crocodiles, and hippos, Lake Bunyonyi is regarded as being exceptionally deep by conventional standards. It is preferable to avoid the lake if you have trouble swimming unless you are on a boat equipped with lifesaving equipment.

For newlyweds and those looking to get away from the stress of the hectic capital Kampala, this 3-day trip of Lake Bunyonyi is fantastic. It is especially great for families who are on vacation. The area around Lake Bunyonyi would be ideal if you were thinking about going gorilla trekking in Bwindi and were looking for a fun location to unwind afterwards. We also have a 3-day gorilla tour and Lake Bunyonyi package that might be of interest to you.

Tour highlights

  • Canoeing (Dugout Canoe)
  • Nature walks and hiking to see monkeys and zebras
  • Visiting the local community
  • Swimming: Lake Bunyonyi is free of crocodiles, hippos and snails that cause the dreaded
  • Bird watching: Lake Bunyonyi is home to over 200 bird species.
  • Sightseeing
  • Cycling along the main park
  • Cave exploration

    Price Includes:

    • Professional frequent English speaking guide
    • Meals and bottled water
    • Park entrance
    • Accommodation

    Price Excludes:

    • Visa
    • International flights
    • Tips to Guides or Hotel staff
    • Alcohol or cigars

Itinary in details

As you wait for a Dav Safaris representative, get up early and eat breakfast. After that, you’ll begin the seven-hour trip to Lake Bunyonyi, stopping frequently along the way. The most beautiful scenery in Uganda is probably found in the southwest. You’ll be in awe of the stunning countryside, enormous marshes, and Mpanga forest. Be ready to observe the locals cultivating their crops and caring for their Ankole cattle with long horns. At the equator crossing at Kayabwe, there will be a break for pictures, refreshments, and a chance to buy regional mementos. You can place one foot in the southern and one in the northern hemispheres of the world by crossing the Equator. Before traveling to Kabale, lunch will be served in Mbarara town.

You should venture outside after checking in at the hotel to explore the lake, stroll along the banks, or just take in the breathtaking landscape. Depending on the lodging option you select, get ready for an evening of campfire entertainment with regional traditional dancers.

Dinner and a night’s sleep are available at the mid-range Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, the budget Bunyonyi Overland Resort, and the luxury Arcadia Cottages (Luxury).

Get up and have breakfast as you get ready for a fun-filled day. The first thing to do is to take in the morning’s lovely bird sounds. The African harrier, egrets, grey crowned cranes, hawks, herons, levillant cuckoos, Rufus breathing wrynecks, weaver birds, and white tailed blue monads are just a few of the beautiful species of birds that can be found at the lake. While you wait for the driver/guide, take a stroll along the lake’s edge to look for any birds. The driver/guide will take you to see the blacksmiths in the Batwa and Abaheesi Communities. The Orugano woodland, Echuya forest, and other areas are home to the majority of Lake Bunyonyi’s Batwa population. Spend time with them and engage with them as learn about how they make ends meet. You might also have chance to visit the Bukora cave.

You can then take a short stroll back to the hotel or lodge for lunch before going boating or canoeing. You will be taken to the lovely islands where you can see the lake even more clearly the terraced hills and surrounding areas of Lake Bunyonyi. The prominent bird species on the majority of the islands inspired their names. The punishment island is one particular island. In the past, the local Bakiga tribe had a terrible tradition of dumping any girls who became pregnant before getting married on this particular island. Since most of them couldn’t swim, they were left there to perish. The men who had pregnanted them or bachelors who were unable to afford the bridal fee demanded by virgin parents eventually came to the aid of the majority of the girls.

A trip for two or couple to Lake Bunyonyi is magnificent. While at Lake Bunyonyi you will interact with the locals while visiting the islands and go to a few of the schools and medical centers. If you’re a naturally curious person, you might want to go see the island’s traditional healer. Following your completion of the activities, the boat will return you to land so you can rehydrate and unwind at the lodge. The rest of the evening should be spent relaxing and taking little strolls along the lakeshore.

Dinner and a night’s sleep are available at the mid-range Bunyonyi Safaris Resort, the budget Bunyonyi Overland Resort, and the luxury Arcadia Cottages (Luxury).

As you wait to start your journey back to Kampala, get up early for breakfast and go for nature walks to take in the breathtaking views. The Lake Bunyonyi region is lush all year round, with lovely trees and greenery that are worth exploring. Lunch will be served in Mbarara, ideally at the Igongo Culture Center. You will travel to Kampala after touring the Center, stopping en route at either the Equator or the Buganda Royal Drum Manufacturers. Anticipate to arrive in Entebbe or Kampala late at night.

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