1 day Night Rafting Zambia


This excursion is a must-do since it includes a variety of activities, including a waterfall tour, white water rafting, fishing, and camping. The night before the trip, you will meet the safari guide, who will give you a briefing on the itinerary and give you suggestions on what to pack and wear. We constantly recommend that our clients wear long shorts and shirts. The journey begins at Victoria Falls. After the safety discussion, you will be provided the rafting equipment (helment, life jacket, and paddles), and you will be instructed on the dos and don’ts of the trip. The tour begins as you float through the tenth and last rapid, sometimes known as the “gnashing jaws of death,” on the Zambezi River. At this point, you will stop for lunch. After lunch, we’ll keep rafting to rapid 21, also known as Bbob Camp, where the camp is put up.

You’ll be picked up from your hotel or place of residence. Before we leave for the excursion, you will then go to the safety briefing and sign your indemnification form. You will receive your rafting equipment, including your buoyancy vest, helmet, and paddle. Then we will descend the gorge to the rafts that are waiting there. Before the rafting adventure begins, the guides will distribute rafts and give you the final technical instructions.

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