3 days Diani Beach and Tsavo Wildlife


3 days Diani Beach and Tsavo Wildlife from Diani Beach to Tsavo East and Tsavo West is an exclusive beach-to-big-game excursion perfect for tourists looking for a tranquil introduction to Kenya’s bush. Tsavo East and Tsavo west national parks when combined forms up the biggest wildlife protected area in the world. It is renowned for its distinctive red elephants and short-maned Tsavo lions, which like to roll in the soil’s reddish hue. Rolling hills and volcanic formations make up most of the appeal of Tsavo West National Park. Diani Beach is located 30km south of Mombasa; this south coast beach is flanked by the warm Indian Ocean and has a plethora of beach resorts to suit your stay. Diani Beach is comprised Tiwi Beach, Galu Beach, Chale Island, Funzi Island, and Kinondo. The Indian Ocean’s turquoise, mild waves and pearly-white sands combine to create the ideal calm setting for an African vacation that won’t soon be forgotten.is well-known for its coral reefs, colobus monkeys, the ideal spot for kite boarding, and is proximity to the Shimba Hills National Reserve.

On the 3 days Diani Beach and Tsavo Wildlife safari, tourists will have the opportunity to explore the diverse landscapes of both Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. They can enjoy game drives, where they might spot iconic African wildlife such as elephants, lions, and giraffes in their natural habitats.

One of the most moving sights in Africa is the sight of dust-red elephant wallowing, rolling, and splashing each other with the midnight blue waters of the palm-fringed Galana River. This makes for an excursion unlike any other in the Tsavo East, together with the 300 kilometer-long Yatta Plateau, the largest lava flow in the world. The park is the largest protected area in Kenya and is home to many large mammals, including enormous herds of red elephants, rhinos, buffalo, lions, and leopards as well as pods of hippopotamuses, crocodiles, waterbucks, lesser kudus, and gerenuks. The park also supports a thriving bird population with 500 known species.

Tour highlights

  • Diani Beach and travel to Tsavo East National Park
  • Transfer to Tsavo West
  • Tsavo West – Diani Beach

Itinary in details

On this day, your driving guide will arrive at your lodge in Diani Beach early in the morning in a private safari vehicle and pick you up to transport you to Tsavo East National Park through the Mombasa-Kenya Highway, also known as the Explorers’ Route. Along the journey, you’ll get to see the sun rise and set. When you arrive in Tsavo East National Park, you will be welcomed by the park’s wide plains and a plethora of wildlife. After lunch at your lodge, embark on a game drive in the late afternoon to see creatures like lions, leopards, antelopes, cape buffaloes, antelopes, hippos, and crocodiles, among others. You can take in the brilliant African sunset in the late afternoon as we return to your safari lodge for dinner and overnight.

You’ll get up early in the morning to catch the sunrise as the park comes to life with animals including waterbuck, gerenuk, Cape buffalo, and enormous elephants. Then you will head back to the resort for breakfast, check out, and depart for a brief drive to Tsavo West, which contrasts the rocky terrain with rolling green hills. Upon arrival, you will eat lunch at the lodge. Later that day, you will go on a game drive and witness a variety of species, including rhinos, elephants, gazelles, and wildebeests, among others. You will return to your lodge in the evening for dinner and to spend the night.

On this, the last day of the safari, you’ll get up early for a cup of coffee before heading to the park’s plains for a wildlife drive. You’ll also visit Mzima Springs, a verdant oasis surrounded by palm trees, where you may witness many early risers. You can get out of the car and walk around the springs while keeping an eye out for rare migratory birds and exotic fish. The millions of liters of fresh water that feed the spring are also home to crocodiles and hippos, both of which are thriving. You will also travel through the savannahs, springs, green rolling hills, and red dusty plains. Following the exploration, you will eat lunch before traveling to Diani Beach, where you will be dropped off at your hotel or beach resort.

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