6 days Rwanda Cultural Safari


Rwanda is a small, landlocked nation also known as the “land of a thousand hills” that is situated in East Africa south of the equator. Kigali serves as Rwanda’s capital. French, English, Kinyarwanda, and Swahili, which is also spoken in other east African nations, are among the languages spoken in Rwanda. Rwanda Cultural tours allow visitors to learn about and interact with the cultures of the places they visit. Visitors get the chance to participate in the music, dance, theater, and folktales that are performed in a particular place or residence. They gain knowledge of cultural values, take part in traditional food preparation, and then eat wholesome, organic meals.

This 6-day Rwanda cultural tour will teach you about the Rwandan people’s history and culture. Visit the Iby’iwacu village, the Kandt Museum, the Kings Palace, and a tea industry.

Tour highlights

  • Kigali – City tour.
  • Transfer to Nyanza
  • Visit the Tea factory and then Transfer to Gisenyi.
  • Visit local Markets and Travel to Musanze.
  • Visit the Iby’iwacu Community / Caves
  • Visit the Dian Fossey Tombs and Departure for Kigali

Itinary in details

After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel at 9 am and taken to the Kandt museum to begin your day. Following your tour to the museum, you will go to the genocide memorial to learn more about this terrible period for the Rwandan people and the Rwandan government. You’ll tour the president’s palace later in the afternoon, and then you’ll visit a craft center to finish the day. There, you can find out more about the communities that manufacture the crafts as well as how they’re made.

You will leave Kigali this morning at eight in order to travel to Nyanza to see the King’s Palace. Learn more about the monarchy in Rwanda before colonization forced its abolition in the 1960s. To depict how the kingdom looked at the time, this model was made using local materials. Additionally, you will have the chance to view the long-horned cattle. You will drive to the ethnographic museum later in the day, which holds some of Africa’s best ethnographic collections. Some of this has only recently been sent back to Africa. You will drive later to get to the Nyungwe region for dinner and overnight stay.

You’ll go to the tea factory at 8 a.m. to learn more about tea production in Rwanda. Pick, prepare, and make tea using the 1000-hill Lane. Experience some of the finest teas produced on the African continent. You will drive to Gisenyi later in the afternoon. You’ll travel for four and a half hours, arriving in the late afternoon.

In order to understand more about the cultures and traditions of the people who live along Lake Kivu’s beaches, you will visit the hot springs today, followed by the local fish markets. You will drive later in the day to transfer to Musanze, which is close to Volcanoes National Park.

You’ll visit the Iby’iwacu village today to find out more about their traditions, beliefs, and culture. Additionally, you’ll receive instruction on how to brew homemade beer from bananas. Later in the afternoon, you’ll go to the caverns and discover more about how they were created by volcanic explosion. They may have developed more than 65 million years ago. You will tour the twin lakes and the surrounding settlements in the evening.

Today you will head to the Dian Fossey graves to hear more about her conservation work with gorillas and her death. You’ll drive later to get to Kigali. Visit the churches in Ntarama and Nyamata, as well as the Millennium Village, on the way to Kigali to learn more about the 20-year reconciliation project. You’ll drive there later and arrive in Kigali in the evening.

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